[Pols-announce] Brownbag with Dr. Miller tomorrow 1pm!

Pickerel, Linda M. lpicke at ku.edu
Thu Nov 9 14:52:07 CST 2017

A reminder - Brownbag tomorrow (Friday) at 1pm   Dr. Patrick Miller is presenting
Election Aversion: Gender Differences in Dislike of Elections and Their Behavioral Effects
  512 Blake Hall

Also - Please, while here,  note the itineraries, in process for the prospective faculty visits. (American Politics & Public Policy Search)
  I have one more to add still, but they are on the reception desk in the office.  Faculty can sign up for a time to meet with them.  I'll send them all out soon as well, with the presentation information and times for grad students to meet with them.     Thanks!  -Linda
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