[Pols-announce] Prospective Faculty Visits

Pickerel, Linda M. lpicke at ku.edu
Fri Nov 10 11:25:48 CST 2017

Prospective Faculty  visits, presentations, meeting with graduate students -

Presentations & Q&A:

Nathanial Birkhead: Thurs Nov 16  4pm "After Enactment: An Examination of When And Why Policy Repeal Occurs" 114 Blake

Annalise Russell: Monday Nov 20 4pm  "The Politics of Prioritization: How Twitter Reflects a Senator's Policy Attention" 108 Blake

Kevin Mullinix: Wednesday Nov 22  Noon  "Wrongful Convictions, Framing, and Policy Preferences" 114 Blake

Nicole Kalaf-Hughes: Tuesday Nov 28  4pm   TBA

Meeting with graduate students in conference room, 512 Blake
     Graduate students, you need to come meet these faculty candidates -

Birkhead: 2pm, Thurs  Nov 17
Russell: 2pm, Mon Nov 20
Mullinix: 3pm, Tues Nov 21
Kalaf-Hughes: 2pm, Tues Nov 28

Itineraries are in process and are on the reception desk.  Sign up to meet with candidates or help transport. Thanks!-Linda

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