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Subject: Implications of tax reform bills

*Sent on behalf of Carl Lejuez, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences*

Dear Chairs & Directors,

I am forwarding to you a memo that outlines the implications of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed by the House and similar legislation under way in the Senate. This memo was drafted by Jack Cline, who represents KU as our federal relations representative. I am passing this on to you so you are aware of KU's efforts on this issue and aware generally of the bill's effects on higher education.

*         Jack Cline of KU Public Affairs is working closely with federal relations colleagues in D.C. to advocate on behalf of KU, higher education and the implications this tax bill poses. KU federal relations has woven into a joint lobbying campaign with fellow AAU and APLU colleagues to address the spectrum of problems, included in the House and Senate bills, with Members of Congress and their staff.

*         Of particular interest to our programs, graduate students could see the cost for them to pursue graduate degrees increase. As an example, the elimination of Section 117(d):

     *   Section 117(d)(5) allows colleges and universities to lower the cost of graduate education for their graduate students who are serving as teaching or research assistants as part of their academic training without the tuition reductions counting as taxable income.

*         Many of the same concerns are also expressed in this statement from the APLU: http://www.aplu.org/news-and-media/News/2017/11/06/public-research-universities-detail-deep-concerns-over-tax-bill

*         As always, faculty, students and staff may engage with their elected representatives as private citizens to express their thoughts and concerns. Please be aware of the University Policy on use of your KU email for these purposes: http://policy.ku.edu/provost/political-activity-KS-statutes#email. In short, KU email should not be used for political purposes.


Carl Lejuez, Dean
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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