[Pols-announce] Reminder:Next week visitors, talks

Pickerel, Linda M. lpicke at ku.edu
Fri Nov 17 12:19:02 CST 2017

Reminder that we have two faculty candidates visiting next week and one the week after.

Faculty -

*         We could still use some more to meet with Annelise Russell on Tuesday morning, and one at lunch Tuesday

*         We could  also use some to take Kevin Mullinix to dinner on Tuesday evening around 6pm or 6:30

*         The week after we need someone to escort Nicole back to The Oread after her talk is done.

Talks are Monday 4pm,  Wednesday Noon, and Tuesday, Nov 28 at 4pm        455 Watson

Grad students meeting with them 2pm Mon, 3pm Tuesday, 2pm Tues 28th            conference room

Also, just letting you know that I have the course evaluation packs ready in the office for whenever your class is going to be
doing them.   I know it's early, but just a reminder to do them before your Fall class is over.

Thanks so much & have a nice weekend & a Happy Thanksgiving next week!                -Linda
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