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Re: Job posting, IPSR, Heartland Project..

Hi Linda and Jan,
Can you send this out to the WGSS and POLS faculty, grad students, and maybe post on Facebook? Thanks!
The Institute for Policy & Social Research (IPSR) at KU is seeking a Research Project Specialist to support the grant-funded Heartland Sexual Assault Policies & Prevention on Campuses Project (Heartland Project) and the Center for the Study of Injustice (CSI).
The Heartland Project's primary goal is to increase post-secondary schools' adoption of a comprehensive, gender-centered public health approach to sexual assault campus policy and prevention.CSI is an interdisciplinary research center interested in domestic and international research related to social justice. The Research Project Specialist provides support to research team, assist with sponsored project implementation, budgets and administrative procedure, such as reporting. This includes organization of workshops, workgroup meetings, conferences, special events, and other activities.

For more information on the Heartland Project, visit: http://ipsr.ku.edu/heartland/
For more information on CSI, visit: http://ipsr.ku.edu/CSI/

IPSR is a designated research center at KU for the social sciences, supporting social science researchers. IPSR supports multiple research centers, their directors, and a network of more than 100 affiliates, and staff.

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