[Pols-announce] Changes to Recycling and Trash Procedures at Blake Hall

Haider-Markel, Donald Patrick dhmarkel at ku.edu
Fri Mar 17 15:50:39 CDT 2017

In our continuing effort to reduce landfilled waste leaving campus and increase the amount of useful materials diverted for recycling, the University of Kansas is implementing new awareness and efficiency practices for waste disposal.

Starting next week, your trashcan will be replaced with a recycling container (or relabeled to be used as a recycling bin) and a 3-quart "mini" trash bin. All employees will be asked to empty both containers from their offices into the larger, centralized recycling and landfill containers located in common areas throughout the building.  Custodians will no longer be responsible for emptying individual recycling and waste baskets from offices, but will continue to work with KU Recycling to service the centralized landfill and recycling bins.

This practice has been modeled at institutions across the country and has been proven to increase personal responsibility for, and awareness of, both waste generation and reduction by individuals, as well as promote more intention toward recycling.  It was first implemented at Capital Federal Hall here at KU last summer with noticeable effects on recycling behavior as faculty and staff are more mindful of what materials are truly waste versus recyclable. Additional buildings were included in the program this fall.

It is advised that any discarded food items be taken directly to a centralized landfill container to prevent any office odor or pest issues. To keep your mini bin clean, it is recommended that you periodically wipe the bin out with a damp paper towel.

Exemptions from the centralized system may be granted for extenuating circumstances, to include, but not limited to medical conditions or mobility restrictions.  To request an accommodation, contact Accessibility & ADA Education at hrdept at ku.edu<mailto:hrdept at ku.edu> or 785-864-4946.

If you have any questions or concerns about this transition, or would like us to consider adding any additional central collection points in your building, please contact KU Recycling at kurecycling at ku.edu<mailto:kurecycling at ku.edu>. We welcome your feedback as your support of this program helps us become a cleaner, healthier and more mindful community.

Eric Nelson
Waste Reduction Manager
Center for Sustainability
The University of Kansas
ericnelson at ku.edu<mailto:ericnelson at ku.edu>

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