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FYI, in case you feel like sharing with your students.

From: Alex Robichaud [mailto:alex at texttalkvote.com]
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Subject: Text Talk Vote, basic info and social media

Good afternoon Professor Haider-Markel,

Attached are the digital copies of the documents I handed you earlier today.  At the bottom of this email is a summary and some bullet points that I hope can be used for social media. I also wanted to give you Dr. Tim Shaffer's contact since he is also an employee of the National Institute for Civil Discourse, and he is including Text Talk Vote in his classroom at K-State.  Tshaffer at email.arizona.edu<mailto:Tshaffer at email.arizona.edu>

I am trying to reach the KU student body as well as any and all voters in the state of Kansas.  Text Talk Vote can be used in the classroom, during down time at an event, and it can be an event of its own. If anyone at KU, in the political science department or otherwise, has any questions or ideas please reach out to me.

Social Media Info:

Text, Talk, Vote uses a text-based platform to facilitate in-person conversations with a small group of young people (3-5 per group). The group receives and discusses prompts delivered by text, interacting with a script and media at their own pace.

The program creates meaningful, guided conversations about politics and policy, while elevating the voices of younger voters and increasing civic participation and turnout. Text Talk Vote has been shown to increase those who identify as "definitely going to vote" by over 20%. Participants also report having a great time during Text, Talk, Vote conversations, and a majority feel more informed after the program.

  *   TTV is free, open, and "always on" - this means that organizers can use it however and whenever they want. They can join our nation wide contest the week of September 26, or drop it right into existing programming. See a conference, convening, or youth training? Perfect opportunity for TTV.

  *   TTV works - TTV is an incredibly easy and effective way to engage young people on campus. Students like the program, they have fun, they report having learned something meaningful, and... most of all, intent to vote rises consistently after using the platform.

  *   TTV can amplify the voice of a campus or organization (and hopefully young voters as a whole): Schools and organizations seeking to have bigger political impact can implement TTV and see their membership more engaged. Afterwards, we'll make the survey data from the program available to all organizers, to be used to facilitate post-program meetings with lawmakers. In our pilots we successfully used the platform to engage elected officials.

  *   TTV is a deliberative democracy program in a box, without the work. It helps build capacity for organizations who have limited resources (it's completely free, ready to go, and it works).

Alex Robichaud
Kansas State Organizer
Text Talk Vote
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