[Pols-announce] looking for books that were delivered

Pickerel, Linda M. lpicke at ku.edu
Fri Sep 29 10:07:51 CDT 2017

Dr. Wuthrich ordered several books, and received all but the following three, that were apparently delivered.
It is possible the package was not clearly marked and someone else might have them.  Please let me know
if the following books are found so we can get them to him.

1.    *Nations under God: How Churches Use Moral Authority to Influence Policy* ISBN-10: 0691164755

2.    *Dictators and Democrats: Masses, Elites and Regime Change* ISBN-10: 0691172156

3.    *Making Democracy Work: Civic Traditions in Modern Italy* ISBN-10: 0691037387

    Thanks so much all.    -Linda
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