[Pols-announce] 9/22, Sierra Watt, presenting at Red Hot research

Haider-Markel, Donald Patrick dhmarkel at ku.edu
Thu Sep 14 15:33:00 CDT 2017

Please note that our student, Sierra Watt, will be presenting on 9/22

Red Hot Graduate Research No. 3
4:00pm Friday, September 22 | The Commons
Red Hot Graduate Research is intended to bring together graduate researchers from all disciplines. The format of these sessions is inspired by Red Hot Research, which features short, slide-based talks that introduce audiences to a topic. In this iteration, Red Hot Graduate Research will feature five graduate researchers speaking for six minutes each.
Audience members are encouraged to connect with the speakers (and each other) during breaks. We hope that through these sessions, graduate students will have an opportunity for cross-disciplinary discourse that will in turn give new perspectives on their work and provide a forum for future work in their chosen research fields.

Sam Henkin, Geography and Atmospheric Science, Non-lethality in use of force

Sierra Watt, Political Science, Indigenous Feminism(s) & Tribal Governments

José Héctor Cadena, American Studies, Contesting Popular Films

Alyson Wilkins, Museum Studies, Art & Science in Museums

M. Polo Camacho, Philosophy, Dogma of Acquired Traits

Roseann Pluretti, Journalism and Mass Communications

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