[Pols-announce] Upcoming brownbags, events

Pickerel, Linda M. lpicke at ku.edu
Wed Oct 18 09:07:00 CDT 2017

Welcome back from Fall break,   A reminder that the first of the brown bags is on Friday at noon, which I believe is Bronson Herrera's research on The Effects of Partisanship & Political Knowledge on Attributions for Mass Shootings.

On Monday, October 23 at 4pm in Alderson is the Global Headline Series: European Elections in the Age of Populism
   The Moderator will be Dr. Wuthrich and Dr. Rohrschneider is one of the panelists

   Also, on Monday, the Center for East Asian Studies has an event we are co-sponsoring.  Professor Gi-Wook Shin, from Stanford will be here, at The Oread, Hancock Room,  at 7pm to speak on  How to Deal with the Growing North Korean Threat

Have a good day all.    Also, if anyone needs some boxes let me know as soon as possible.  I'm about to break a bunch down and move them so I can order more paper.  Many paper boxes - some bigger boxes.         -Linda

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