[Pols-announce] Final candidate visiting tomorrow

Pickerel, Linda M. lpicke at ku.edu
Mon Nov 27 09:26:42 CST 2017

Final candidate for faculty position is visiting tomorrow.  Schedule is below.  Still could use someone to escort her back to The Oread after her talk.      Thanks, Linda

ITINERARY FOR Nicole Kalaf-Hughes, PhD

American Politics & Public Policy Search Political Science Visiting November 27-29, 2017

Monday, Nov 27 Sierra Watt_will pick up Nicole from Kansas City Aiport (MCI) from flight arriving at 9:59 PM

and take her to The Oread hotel to check in.

Tuesday, Nov 28

8:30 a.m. Dr. Mark Joslyn will meet Nicole for breakfast at The Oread

10:00 Nicole will meet with Michael Wuthrich

10:30 John Kennedy will visit and escort Nicole to 200 Strong Hall to meet with Associate Dean

11:00 Nicole will meet with Associate Dean Mielke in 200 Strong Hall

11:30 Don Haider-Markel will pick Nicole up from 200 Strong and take her to lunch with

Christina Bejarano

1:30 Nicole will meet with Clayton Webb

*         2:00 Nicole will meet with graduate students in 512 Blake Hall

3:00 pm Break and Paul Johnson will escort Nicole to Watson

*         4:00pm presentation & Q&A 455 Watson "Vegan Pork: Congressional Letter-Marking, Agency Preferences, and the Allocation of Distributive Benefits"

5:15pm _______________ will escort Nicole back to The Oread

7:00pm Dinner with Hannah Britton& Brittnee Carter downtown

Wednesday, Nov 29
3 a.m. (shuttle) to take Nicole back to K. C. airport for 6 a.m. flight
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