[Pols-announce] Brownbag today- bring laptops!

Pickerel, Linda M. lpicke at ku.edu
Fri Nov 3 08:21:22 CDT 2017

A reminder that the Zotoro brownbag is today at 1pm in the conference room.  Alex and Rachel will show how to download and use this citation management program.  Bring your laptop with you!

Also,   I want you all to know that I now have access to the program to set up more people with codes to use the copier/scanner.  Those GTAs who do not already have a sign on to the copiers, please send me an e-mail and the five digit code you would like to use and I'll try to get you all set up sometime next week.  Until then, see me for assistance.             Thanks!

Try to make it to the brownbag today at 1pm. It sounds very helpful!        -Linda
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