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Dear faculty and students:

The semi-annual workshop on preparing a dissertation or thesis with LaTeX is scheduled for Saturday, April 8^th at 1:00 pm in Watson Room 455.

The CRMDA has prepared a thesis template and LaTeX class in cooperation with the Office of the Graduate Dean at KU.  The event Webpage is


We are a little late in the calendar for this presentation (I was expecting NCAA basketball to be interesting for one more week than it actually was :(). Spring enrollment in this workshop is usually lighter than the fall; this year is no exception.  We only have 1 registrant so far and we need a few more to make this worth our time. The original advertising for this said the deadline for registration would be April 1, but we are now extending that until April 5, 5PM.

For people who are unsure about whether they might like to use LaTeX, or my favorite GUI editor LyX, there will be a LyX demonstration at 3PM in Watson 455 (the usual time & place for weekly CRMDA presentations).  I encourage people who might like to see how this works to come watch.  
For others that have LaTeX and LyX installed, bring your computer and play along.  While I don't intend to have this tightly scripted, for the sake of discussion lets say the agenda will be my essay "Making My LyX Template". In the web folder for that project, http://pj.freefaculty.org/guides/Computing-HOWTO/LatexAndLyx/LyX-article-template,
you should find

1. The template LyX file I created,

2. The same document exported as LaTeX (which can also be compiled into PDF)

3. The essay about changes I made from the default to the finished template, http://pj.freefaculty.org/guides/Computing-HOWTO/LatexAndLyx/LyX-article-template/making-template-20150827.pdf

and, of course, the LyX file from which that PDF document emanated.



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