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Dear Chairs:

Thanks for your support during the year.

I'm writing to announce some upcoming activities.

The most important announcement is this year's Stats Camp. Please feel free to forward this note, the attached flyer, and/or the Web address, http://crmda.ku.edu/statscamp, to anyone who you think might be interested.

Here is a brief summary.

Week 1: May 22-26. Using R (internally referred to as the "summeR workshop").  We'll introduce some concepts for project management in the R package we have recently released called "kutils". I'm taking the lead during the R week.

Week 2: May 30-June 2. Using Stata. As in the R workshop, a major point of emphasis is development of skills for replication.  Jacob Fowles, of the School of Public Affairs, is the leader on Stata.

Week 3: June 5-9. Structural Equation Modeling. Psychology Professor Holger Brandt has prepared new sessions about nonlinear latent models for structural equations. The structural equations material, for the most part, uses R (and some Mplus) and it builds on the R modeling concepts discussed during the first week of the workshop.

I hope you will let your faculty and students know about this
opportunity, which I believe is very reasonably priced.  Please see the
updated website for all the details http://crmda.ku.edu/statscamp.
Enrollment is still $50/day for KU affiliates.

I would like also to announce that, on April 8, we are having the semi-annual Saturday workshop on thesis/dissertation preparation with LaTeX.


As you may know, a few years ago I prepared a LaTeX document template that has been accepted by the Office of Graduate Studies.

I realize that we are probably too late in the semester to be of much help for the students who are trying to finish documents this semester. However, it is a perfect time for students who are planning for projects next year to learn a little bit about this very popular document preparation system.  We've created a new Webpage to aggregate information about LaTeX, https://crmda.ku.edu/latex-help.

Paul E. Johnson            University of Kansas
Professor            Director, Center for Research
Political Science        Methods & Data Analysis (CRMDA)
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