[Pols-announce] Awards Ceremony and upcoming Brownbags

Haider-Markel, Donald Patrick prex at ku.edu
Thu Jan 12 12:46:38 CST 2017

Please mark your calendar for the Phi Sigma Alpha Awards Ceremony, 3pm on 17 Feb 17 (Summerfield Room, Alumni Center). All faculty are expected to attend.

Please also be aware of some upcoming Brownbags this semester (each on a Friday at noon in the conference room):

24 Feb: Nuts & Bolts of Creating E-Portfolios (Amilee Turner to present)

17 Mar: Developing Teaching Presentations for the Job Market

31 Mar: Designing Persuasive and Effective Teaching Philosophies

TBD, April: Student e-portfolio presentations

If you would like to schedule additional Brownbags for conversation, research topics, or really anything, please let me know.

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