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All, please also note that lunch will be provided for the 2/21 brown bag so please RSVP Linda if you plan to attend.

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Dear colleagues,
Professor Anna Grzymala-Busse from Stanford University will give a talk on authoritarian parties on February 21 at 4pm in 455 Watson.
She will also give a brown bag from noon to 1pm for graduate students in the conference room.
If you would like to meet with her individually on 2-21, please let me know so I can add you to her itinerary.
Thanks and best regards,

Professor Grzymala-Busse, the Michelle and Kevin Douglas Professor of International Studies and Senior Fellow at Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, will give a talk:

The Revolution Ate Its Children? Authoritarian Successor Parties and the Consequences of their Reinvention

Abstract: Authoritarian ruling parties are among the most durable of autocratic rulers. Many nonetheless exit power and reinvent themselves as democratic successor parties. We know quite a bit about the causes of this reinvention: but little about its consequences. Using a new data set, I argue that authoritarian exit from power and subsequent democratic reinvention tend to bolster party competition and the processes of democratization, but they hurt the parties themselves. Focusing on a notable post-communist successors, I show how they were unable to sustain high standards for competence and probity, and collapsed under the weight of their electoral success. (Democratic) revolutions can thus eat their own children.

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