[Pols-announce] New grading scale for Thesis, Dissertations

Pickerel, Linda M. lpicke at ku.edu
Wed Feb 1 10:03:33 CST 2017

There is now a new grading scale to be used for thesis and dissertation grades.  Every semester faculty advising a student writing a thesis or dissertation should enter a grade of SP, LP, or NP to show how the student is progressing on their work.  See below and the policy.  Our department has been approved to start using this grading system.  Please do not leave a student with an incomplete or waiting grade.   Thank you.

Grading Scale: SP, LP, NP
This grading scale is established in USRR 2.2.5<http://policy.ku.edu/governance/USRR#art2sect2>. It evaluates a student's work as demonstrating satisfactory progress (SP), limited progress (LP), or no progress (NP). It is appropriate only in designated thesis, dissertation, and approved thesis- and dissertation-equivalent enrollments.
For departments that use this scale, a grade of SP must be assigned for a student's final semester of enrollment in thesis, dissertation, or approved thesis- or dissertation-equivalent course work. The SP indicates that the final product was of satisfactory quality to earn the degree.

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