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Just want to make you all aware of this information also, from the College.  I monitor all of this, but if you are faculty or grad  student involved with graduating this semester, or very soon, please note that graduate students defending for Spring 2017 will need to get everything (revisions done etc.) by May 12. Pre-approvals for upcoming exams have to be entered by tomorrow(Friday) at the end of the day.  If there is a concern on this please let me know.  Please be working together toward this goal as is possible.  These deadlines will mostly affect students defending for PhD.  Students that are completing Masters,  or especially continuing on through after, should not be too concerned just be sure to communicate with me your plans.
   I plan to be around much of the summer so am happy to work with Summer graduates or students defending but as early Fall deadline. It is ok to turn in Masters at the beginning of Fall and then do comps in Fall, if you are ready to do so.  I believe the deadline to register for Fall prelims is August 1st, but letting me know well beforehand is fine.  I will go ahead and send the registration form out soon.

Thanks so  much,
Linda Pickerel
Graduate Coordinator
Political Science

Importance: High

The graduation deadline for Spring 2017 is coming up on Friday, May 12!  In order to allow for the two weeks advance submission, all final exam preapproval PTDs, for MA or PhD, for students intending to graduate this Spring 2017 semester should be submitted to COGA by the end of the day this Friday, April 28.

If you have any students and/or faculty who have not yet provided you with all the required information to submit their final exam PTD, please remind them to do so immediately..

Also, please be aware of these additional deadlines:

Tues, May 16 - Exam Outcome PTDs Due
Last day for departments to submit final MA or PhD exam outcomes (with appropriate attachments) via PTD. If you have a signed title page and signed departmental exam outcome form in hand, please submit the outcome PTD ASAP. Please do not wait for the acceptance page to enter the outcome PTD.  The acceptance page is not a requirement for the outcome submission, and withholding it causes a large number of outcome PTDs to come to COGA all at once on the graduation deadline.

Tues, May 16 - KUGS Deadline*
This is also the deadline for departments to approve or deny graduate student degrees via KUGS (The KU Graduation System in Enroll & Pay, Records & Enrollment -->Graduation -->KU Graduation Report).  Departments with students completing certificates must also approve certificate AFGs in KUGS by this date.

Fri, May 19 - Instructor Grade Submission Deadline
Deadline for faculty to enter grades for Spring 2017 courses and to resolve all past Incompletes and WGs.  Please be checking grades in advance and follow up with faculty/instructors if grades are still missing a few days before the deadline.

Tues, June 13 - Early Summer 2017 Deadline
Students who were enrolled for Spring 2017 qualify for the Early Summer deadline.  If they submit all requirements for degree (including electronic submission of the dissertation or thesis) by Tues, June 13, they may graduate for Summer 2017, but will not be required to enroll.

*Please note: If you will be out of the office on or leading up to this, it is imperative that you ensure that reporting has been completed in advance of your leave.  Degrees can be approved in KUGS as soon as the student has completed all departmental requirements for degree, so this step can be completed prior to the graduation deadline and prior to final grades being submitted (since we verify that piece).  If a degree has not been verified at the department level by the deadline the student will not graduate.

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