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Subject: Active Learning Day next Tuesday, October 25

It’s not often that CTE passes along information from the White House. Actually, this is a first! The Office of Science and Technology Policy has designated Tuesday, October 25, as a nationwide Active Learning Day for STEM educators<https://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2016/09/09/honoring-nations-leading-science-and-mathematics-teachers-and-announcing-active>.

Active learning isn’t just for STEM fields, of course; it’s a best practice for all instructors. So in honor of Active Learning Day, we’re encouraging faculty members to try something new in their classes next week. Here are some examples from KU faculty members and others on how you might do that.

From the CTE website

·       Using class time well<http://cte.ku.edu/using-class-time-well>

·       Using Blogging to Promote Student Engagement in a First-Year Seminar<https://cte.ku.edu/portfolios/schwaller#summary>

·       Improving Learning Through Continuous Assessments in a Statistics Class<https://cte.ku.edu/portfolios/deboeck>

·       Using experiential and team-based learning in a music therapy class<https://cte.ku.edu/portfolios/hanson-abromeit>

·       Invigorating class discussions in a history class<https://cte.ku.edu/portfolios/warren-history-of-women>

From Doug Ward’s blog

·       A compelling alternative to a final exam<http://www.cteblog.dept.ku.edu/a-compelling-alternative-to-a-final-exam/>

·       Why change our approach to teaching?<http://www.cteblog.dept.ku.edu/why-change-our-approach-to-teaching/>

·       Moving active learning beyond ‘Lady, you’re crazy’<http://www.cteblog.dept.ku.edu/moving-active-learning-beyond-lady-youre-crazy/>

·       Ambiguity goes in search of the right answer<http://www.cteblog.dept.ku.edu/ambiguity-goes-in-search-of-the-right-answer/>

·       Helping students learn the power of math with the power of community<http://www.cteblog.dept.ku.edu/helping-students-learn-the-power-of-math-with-the-power-of-community/>

·       A just-in-time strategy for teaching math, with a touch of Google<http://www.cteblog.dept.ku.edu/a-just-in-time-strategy-for-teaching-math-with-a-touch-of-google/>

·       Collaborating to improve student learning<http://www.cteblog.dept.ku.edu/collaborating-to-improve-student-learning/>

·       Seeing through education to find learning<http://www.cteblog.dept.ku.edu/seeing-through-education-to-find-learning/>

The Association of American Universities is encouraging its members to promote active learning through social media next week and to support its AAU STEM initiative by signing a pledge with AAC&U's Project Kaleidoscope (see Point #3 below). The Active Learning Pledge<http://cl.exct.net/?qs=af2fe55aae5ef8b8f545496e42cae1219acd8769716bc2c2dd0b205bd52bfe13a0b57f1fa7f43b57> supports incorporating teaching strategies that equally promote active learning and integrating cultural responsiveness in classrooms.

Please encourage your colleagues to think of ways they can incorporate a new active learning strategy into their classes next week.


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Subject: On Tuesday, October 25, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) will host an all-day, nationwide Active Learning Day.

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Undergraduate STEM Education Initiative

In support for Active Learning Day, the Association of American Universities (AAU) and the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) submitted a joint letter<http://cl.exct.net/?qs=af2fe55aae5ef8b887f71b6a078d1278d851045841bc56b34f93445c5e549946cb3076266164aeb1> to provide information about the major and sustained projects our member campuses have engaged in to improve the quality and effectiveness of undergraduate STEM education in the nation's top research universities.  We also emphasized our reform efforts are systemic in that they address the fundamental institutional and cultural barriers to change that are specific to research universities.
AAU is committed to being active on social media during this day.  Our goal is showcase the several universities already at the forefront of improving the quality of undergraduate STEM education.
Below is a selection of ways your campus can participate in Active Learning Day.

  1.  Promote your campus ongoing efforts to improve undergraduate STEM education via social media October 25. When tweeting, be sure to use #ActiveLearningDay and #AAUSTEM to bring your efforts to AAU and OSTP's attention.  For example, highlight an article recently published or a campus publication showcasing efforts by faculty members or departments.

  2.  Issue a press release or announcement to highlight institutional efforts aimed at systematic change to undergraduate STEM teaching and learning.

  3.  Provide faculty members and institutional leaders the option to take AAC&U's Project Kaleidoscope Active Learning Pledge<http://cl.exct.net/?qs=af2fe55aae5ef8b8f545496e42cae1219acd8769716bc2c2dd0b205bd52bfe13a0b57f1fa7f43b57> to incorporate teaching strategies that equally promote active learning and integrate cultural responsiveness in classrooms.

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