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Here is the Fall newsletter.   Have a nice Thanksgiving break all!

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                              From the Chair: Don Haider-Markel

                [Wow! What an election year this was. Our faculty and students were fully engaged in national, state, and local races. We especially thank Professors Patrick Miller, Christina Bejarano, and Burdett Loomis for providing incredible insights to reporters through the campaign season and in the days following November 8. As we approach the holidays please take a moment to look inside and catch our updates on a few of our exceptional students as well as recent accomplishments by faculty.  We congratulate Professor Alesha Doan on a 3-year grant award from the Department of Health and Human Services, Office on Women’s Health to develop and implement policies and prevention programs addressing the issue of sexual assault on college campuses and Professor Don Haider-Markel for receiving a 2016 Byron A. Alexander Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award from the University of Kansas.          Thanks to continued support from our donors we have been fortunate to sponsor or co-sponsor a number of high-caliber scholar visits to campus in the past year. In March we followed up on the “Protecting the Vote” symposium from 2015 and welcomed Professor R. Keith Gaddie from the University of Oklahoma for a presentation on “Voting Rights after Shelby County,” which focused on the implications of repealing most of the Voting Rights Act. Later in March we also heard from Professor Christopher Clark, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, who presented his research on “Descriptive Representation and Black Public Opinion towards Electoral Reforms.” Both of these visits were part of The Clifford P. Ketzel Speaker Series for the Expression of Minority Opinions and the Political Science Lecture Series.     Alum Joy Ginsburg (class of 1992) provided a wonderful commencement address for the May 2016 political science graduation celebration; currently she is the Senior Director for Program Integration for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network in Kansas City.       In October we helped to sponsor two additional visits to campus. Professor Holona LeAnne Ochs, a 2007 PhD alum from KU political science, provided a presentation on her recent book Privatizing the Polity. Dr. Ochs was also able to meet with graduate students to discuss her career experience, which includes an Assistant Professor position at Howard University and her recent tenure approval at Lehigh University. Professor Lael Keiser, University of Missouri, Columbia visited later that month to present her research on her forthcoming book, Unrecognized Allies:  How Public Employee Professional Associations Enhance Democratic Accountability, as part of the The Clifford P. Ketzel Speaker Series for the Expression of Minority Opinions and the Political Science Lecture Series.   During the academic year many of our graduate students and faculty presented research projects at our Friday Research Brownbag series, which continues to successfully provide feedback on research and encourage learning across sub-fields about the projects students and faculty are working on. Throughout this past year we have also intermixed our Brownbag series with teaching professionalization workshop sessions for graduate students based on a successful grant proposal from Professors Hannah Britton and Mariya Omelicheva, awarded from the Center for Teaching Excellence.        You can continue to get updates about the department on our webpage ( http://kups.ku.edu/ ), on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Political-Science-at-KU/202370096499170), on LinkedIn at “KU Political Science” and on Twitter (@KUPoliticalSci) where we’ll post more day-to-day news about items of interest.         On February 17, 2017 we will honor our outstanding undergraduate and graduate students with monetary and distinction awards at our Phi Sigma Alpha Honor’s Recognition Ceremony. And in May 2017 we will be hosting the 6th annual Political Science Graduation Celebration (founded by Professor Elaine Sharp) for all graduating political science majors and their families.         I invite you to contact me or any of the faculty with news that you would like to sha] <http://kups.ku.edu/>
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                [, ,And congratulations to Matt Miles (Ph.D. 2013) who also has been granted tenure, at BYU Idaho.  He focuses on political behavior and U.S. Presidency, and his research has been published in Politics and Religion, Policy Studies Journal, Political Research Quarterly, The International Journal of Press/Politics, Environmental Politics, and Presidential Studies Quarterly.]

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                [Student Spotlight: Shegufta Huma, Political Science student, Rhodes Scholar!]

                [Shegufta Huma is a senior in Political Science, and it was just announced is KU’s 27th Rhodes Scholar!  The Rhodes is the latest of her many nominations and awards, Shegufta is an outstanding student.  She is also one of the 2016-2017 Women of Distinction, recognized by the Emily Taylor Center for KU women role models.  Among her many activities, she was a Muslim Public Affairs Council Policy and Government Summit Delegate, in 2014, was University Senate vice president in Fall 2015, and was a Washington D.C. intern for the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, Spring 2016.  Shegufta studies Political Science and Spanish.  She is the daughter of Mohammad Anwar and Anjuman Ara, of Bel Aire.  She graduated high school at Wichita East High School.  She is an Ambassador in the University Honors Program.  She has worked as a Social Justice Educator for the Office of Multicultural Affairs and as the first Peer Outreach Advisor for Fellowships & Scholarships.    Dr. Hannah Britton says “What I see in Shegufta is what I hope the future of U.S. politics will be.  Shegufta is tireless in her efforts to understand ideas, issues, and policies.  She is dedicated to learning the key skills necessary for top-level policy analysis.  She recognizes the importance of coalition politics, and she is a vigorous advocate for marginalized populations.  More importantly, she is a leader with answers –answers and actual plans – with a proven track record of change.  She has a vision of the educational changes needed to alter the composition of politics, business and education – so that all voices have a seat at the table.  She is an outstanding public figure, commanding strength and conviction that inspire us all to be the best version of ourselves.  But Shegufta is much more than that.  She also  understands that enacting her vision will take work, training, energy and perseverance.  She will be able to communicate with a full range of the future leaders that her work will foster.  And, I mean communicate quite literally, with her six languages.  During her internship in D.C. last spring, she also demonstrated that she understands how to build networks, find mentors, and secure insight.  She is the future of what global leadership should look like- a new type of leadership that recognizes that democracy and justice do not stop at a country’s borders.”    Shegufta plans, at Oxford, to do the M.SC. in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies, and then the Master of Public Policy.]
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                [At the White House]

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                [Faculty activity 2016.    Alan Arwine is teaching courses in International Relations and Comparative politics while he is writing a book that explores the determinants of social and political tolerance in Western democracies.    Nazli Avdan has a coauthored forthcoming article that explores the effectiveness of border fences against transnational terrorism in International Studies Quarterly. She is also working on a book monograph on the impact of terrorism and trade on states' short-term migration control policies.    Christina Bejarano published two book chapters in edited volumes: "New Directions at the Intersection of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender" and "New Expectations for Latina State Legislative Representation."  She is currently on fall sabbatical working on her research project on Latina Candidate Emergence and serving as a guest gender expert during the 2016 Election for Presidential Gender Watch.    Hannah Britton has been conducting research on human trafficking in the Midwest with graduate students by completing interviews and surveys of service providers (http://ipsr.ku.edu/ASHTI/). She is also is serving as the Director of the Center for the Study of Injustice (http://ipsr.ku.edu/CSI/ ) and finishing a book.    Gail Buttorff In addition to ongoing work on contentious elections in electoral authoritarian regimes, Buttorff has been working with colleagues at Smith College and Sultan Qaboos University in Oman to develop a set of papers that examine the political economy of women’s empowerment in the Middle East and North Africa, with a specific focus on the oil rich countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.    Alesha Doan is working a three-year $750,000 grant from the Department of Health and Human Services, Office on Women’s Health to develop and implement policies and prevention programs addressing the issue of sexual assault on college campuses. She has also continued to collaborate on two larger research projects examining abortion politics and policies, and the integration of women into combat roles in the military, which has recently been accepted in Sex Roles: A Journal of Research.    Don Haider-Markel is chairing the department and published a Policy Studies Journal article with a student, an SSQ article, and has three new or forthcoming book chapters on LGBT politics. He has two book projects underway and continues to present new research gun politics, LGBT politics, and attributions and politics (see https://kups.ku.edu/working-group-attributions-and-politics ); follow on twitter @dhmarkel    Carolyn Johnson is teaching law courses in the department, including the ever popular course on constitutional law.    Paul Johnson is serving Director of the Center for Research Methods and Data Analysis (CRIMDA) where he has been working on projects concerning environmental air quality in Kansas, educational testing and diagnostic reports for children with special educational needs in 18 states, and the impact of changes in state laws on poverty and participation in social services. You can follow CRIMDA activities on their blog at: http://crmda.dept.ku.edu/timeline.    Ben Jones completed his PhD at Yale and has been contributing to the internship program and is teaching courses through spring 2017.     Mark Joslyn is serving as Graduate Director and working on projects related to political attitudes and behavior of gun owners. His research finds substantial differences between gun owners and non-gun owners on a host of important political behaviors including vote choice and turnout, and these differences are increasing over time. He has a new article in Social Science Quarterly and is also collaborating on several projects on attributions, politics, and policy (see https://kups.ku.edu/working-group-attributions-and-politics ).    John Kennedy has an article coming out in December in the China Quarterly and is in the middle of a book length project on the widespread notion that millions of girls are missing from the Chinese population. Using 35 years of population data and local interviews his team finds th] <http://ipsr.ku.edu/ASHTI/>

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